Poem: New to this Earth

If I were new to this earth,
I would find violets.
I would lie down in the sun
on a bed of clover
and feel the world spin beneath
my surprised and miraculous body.
I would kneel before iris,
fingers extending curiously
to brush their rippled edges.
I would follow my nose
into the wild plums
and through the lilacs.
I would brave burgundy canes of thorn
to reach for sweet blackberries
and raspberries.
I would pause
with my head had tipped back
to the blue sky
to wonder
as the shadows of vultures and hawks
riding the air
fall across my face.
I would watch the way light
shines through wild grape vines
and new maple leaves
and understand what worship means.
I would listen until I hear the river
and I would seek it out,
setting my feet gently into its cool swiftness
and bending low
to anoint my face with newborn droplets.
I would be astounded
by rainbows,
by color,
by thunder.
I would learn bird’s songs
and sing with them.
I would find pine trees
sighing in the wind
and lie beneath them,
my eyes full of tears
without knowing why.
I would discover
what it means
to belong to a place.
I would be me,
right here,
my birthday,

I wrote this poem on my birthday last week. If you were new to this earth, what would you do?

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  1. That is the most precious poem! We here were blessed by the goddess with a new grandbaby on Mother’s Day. Quinn Andrea Houk Her dark hair is like a raven and her eyes deep caves of light

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