Video: Meeting the Goddess in the everyday

Welcome to a new month!

As I was sitting outside on my porch swing with my tea this morning, I thought again about how one of the reasons daily practice is so vitally important to me is that it is keeping a promise to myself. In this way, showing up for myself–in the center of my own life–day after day after day, is a reaffirmation and recommitment of my own primary vow which is to be present for my own life (every day). Daily practice, to me, is a practice of vow-keeping (and vow-tending). And, it is how I meet the Goddess in the everyday.


When I step outside with my prayerbook in my hands, my senses attune to the sacred, to the present, to what is now. The book becomes an accountability partner, a container for sacred space holding, a container for magic and for wisdom, a visual representation of a promise or vow made and kept. It holds the accumulated magic and growth of all the days that have gone before, a bastion of support and nurturing beneath my fingertips, a portable sacred space that can accompany me wherever I go. The prayerbook becomes an external reminder of the connection, power, magic, and resources that I always have available to me, that I always carry with and within me.

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