Poem: Truth

One truth of being human
on this small and glorious earth
is that we carry whole worlds within us,
inner realms of infinite breadth and depth.
We also hold the capacity
to bring some parts of this invisible world
from the pool of the infinite
into physical form.
We are makers and knowers,
world benders and magic speakers.
The power is within us all the time.
We carry life’s original fire,
the great flaring forth,
inside us at this very moment.
I am awestruck at this magic.

I’m preparing for a “Sacred She” ceremony with my local circle on Saturday. I’m finding it more challenging than I would have anticipated to ease back into working with a larger circle. I’ve been holding tiny circles for the last two years, but I haven’t done much larger circle work since pre-pandemic.

I am finding it difficult to discern whether it time for me to “close” the chapter of doing large circles and continue to celebrate and enjoy my small circle or whether to keep extending myself again in a larger capacity. It is tricky to figure out whether my sense of “doneness” is a lingering artifact of the pandemic or whether it is my own inner voice/knowing.

(“great flaring forth” is a phrase from Brian Swimme)

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