Poem: Crossroads

There are times in which
we are poised at the crossroads,
these waystations of choice and change.
We balance twin forces
of separation and connection.
We move within life’s ebb and flow,
an ongoing cycle of growth and renewal.
However tempting it might be
to set up camp in the middle,
to rest in the not-knowing place,
to linger in the liminal,
eventually we must choose a way.
May we have clarity in the choosing,
trust in the unfolding,
and faith in the journey.
May we listen to the thrum of purpose
that hums in our veins,
the whispers of longing that linger
on the wind,
the fiery core of resolve within our bellies,
the knowing in our bones.
And, collecting what we can of courage,
step through the choices,
our feet feeling the support
beneath them
as our sacred path spirals onward.


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