Weekly Ritual Video: Listening to the Dreamtime

Note: I’ve decided to stop posting weekly ritual videos directly to the blog. They will continue to be available on Youtube (please subscribe) or in our Goddess Magic community (this week’s include a bonus four card printable companion set).

May we listen to the dreamtime. May we trust the touch of the sacred in all things. May we touch the sacred in our daily living. May the touch of the sacred be expressed in our work.

This five minute ritual draws upon the Crescent Moon, rune of divination, ritual, and the unconscious, from Womanrunes and the #30DaysofGoddess daily practice deck + cut-your-own expansions.

Questions to consider:

  • What is whispering to you in the dreamtime?
  • What is knocking at the door of your unconscious?
  • What is lingering around the edges of your understanding?
  • What is wanting to be heard?
  • How might you open the door and learn?
  • What rituals are you stepping into?
  • What are you divining and discovering?

May we construct life-changing, world-renewing, soul-renewing magic from exactly where we are right now, with what we have.


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