Six minute ritual: the whole moon and our own wholeness (#30daysofgoddess and #womanrunes)

All things ebb and flow. There will be a waxing and a waning. There will be activity and there will be pauses. There will be ongoing cycles of change.

This six minute ritual draws upon the Whole Moon, rune of cycles, moon energy, and mysteries, from #Womanrunes and the #30DaysofGoddess daily practice deck + cut-your-own expansions.

Questions to consider:

  • What is your experience with the Whole Moon?
  • What is waxing and waning in your life?
  • Are you stuck in a phase?
  • Can you see your own wholeness?

Let us trust in the wisdom of cycles, of life’s ebbs and flows. Cycles of rest and renewal, cycles of generativity and stillness. We each contain multitudes and phases.

We are always whole, even if we can’t see it. May we trust in our own wholeness.


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