Winter Magic Project: Transformation Bundles

How to Create a Ritual Transformation Bundle

“ringed in shadows soft, dancing, we have found those sounds which call honey to the heart, healed by the fingertip prayers of our sisters, with drum and rattle, belly and voice, we sway and spiral, heal and rejoice in the sweet, sweet mystery…”
–Nell Aurelia in 2016 We’Moon on the Wall

The information included here on making a releasing/transformation bundle is adapted from this blog post:

Make Your Own Releasing Bundle Instructions

● A small square of cotton or hemp fabric (5×5 or so)
● Pinch of loose tobacco (you may also use white sage, lavender or another meaningful herb to you)
● Many tiny slips of paper to write your releasing wishes on
● String, cord, or ribbon to tie the bundle.
1. Assemble your plant material on your square of fabric.
2. Add the slips of paper that you’ve written what you’ll be burning up and away, and roll them up nice and tiny before you add them to the pile.
3. Gather the corners up and tie tightly with your string or ribbon. It will look like a little ball with pointy tips, or a little black ghost if you turn it upside down.
4. When Solstice arrives, set aside some time and build a fire. If you do not have access to an outdoor firepit, or barbecue, you can burn it outside, in an open space, in an earthenware bowl or abalone shell. The flames will rise, so DO BE CAREFUL and take appropriate precautions.

Know that people all around the globe are collectively releasing and transforming alongside you, and that we make a tapestry of people who are paving the way for ourselves to move clearly and confidently from our intentions with this ceremony. Consider also making an offering to the Earth of a tiny stone or crystal or herb to thank her for all that she carries for us.

Write down what you are releasing and transforming.

Some examples:

Fear into Courage
Not Enoughness into Plenty
Anger into Cleansing Breath
Sorrow into Hope
Grief into Rebirth
Loneliness into Circle and Support
Superficiality into Authenticity
Limitations into Possibility
Stagnation into Movement
Depression into Light
Bondage into Freedom
Anxiety into Flow
Fragmentation into Wholeness
Duality into Oneness
Mistrust into Trust
Judgment into Allowing

What will you transform this solstice season?

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