Poem: Wordless Prayers

I wake to the taste of lightning
on my tongue
and thunder in my bones.
My veins run with raindrops
and my spine uncurls into a tree trunk,
roots dropping into the earth
and drawing up strength
from what lies beneath.
They say every time you find a feather
it is a sign you are in the right place
or on the right path.
Today, I find a bouquet of them
my head tipped to the sky
and raindrops of revival on my shoulders.
We may strive for understanding,
quest for perfection,
but we learn the most
from standing still
with feathers in our hands
and thunder in our bones.
Sinews and pine needles
twine into stories,
cells and zinnias
making their own poems.
Tree body,
lightning tongue,
feather fingers,
and sky skin
forming a wordless prayer.

Note: this poem was written on our 24th anniversary in July, before our car ended up breaking down and we had to be towed back to our town and didn’t get to do any of our anniversary plans! It came to mind again this month because we were discussing prayer in the “This I Believe” class I’m currently taking with WomanSpirit Reclamation.

Daily practice homepage with November video and free printables is here: #30DaysofGoddess.

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