Expansiveness and Possibility (#30DaysofGoddess)

Feel yourself opening to
and welcoming the expansive,
becoming it yourself,
taking up space
in your very own life,
borders dissolving
until you become part
of the field of possibility,
where doors fling open
and windows widen
and limits fade
and everything spreads out before you.
You have a map in your feet
and a compass in your heart
and trust in your bones. 

Welcome to November!

#30DaysofGoddess is about making a space for magic and crafting a more magical life, one with more connection, more joy, more delight, and more wholeness.

This month we explore expansiveness and possibility.

Things to consider this month:

  • How might you make a larger margin for magic?
  • What do you need in order to hold the margins?
  • Do you hurry to fill up empty space with more busy-ness?
  • What would happen if you leaned into expansiveness and let yourself be?
  • What are your life insights, what are you re-remembering?
  • How might you allow expansiveness guide you?

This month’s #30DaysofGoddess resources:

Additional Resources:

May we be alert for magic
in all of the ordinary
and unexpected corners of our lives.
May we tend our faith
with wild hearts and open eyes.
May we know devotion with purpose,
action with intention,
and the abiding strength of abundant love.

Happy November! I’m so glad you’re here!

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