Ritual Video: Commitment and Wisdom

This week’s ritual draws upon the Cauldron of Dancing Women rune from Womanrunes and the original #30DaysofGoddess daily practice deck plus expansions. 

Questions to consider:  

  • What commitments are you making?
  • Are you showing up with honor?
  • Are you keeping your word?
  • What is rich and true for you?
  • What is close to your heart right now?
  • What are you keeping close?
  • What wisdom do you see in the landscape around you right now?

Consider your sacred yes and holy no and hold them sacred. Keep your word and make it count.

May you make commitments with honor. May you trust your inner wisdom. May you hold your magic close. May you trust choices that open space around your heart. May you show up to dance with joy.


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