Poem: Ode to October

Oh, October,
your golden light
and cool mornings entrance me.
There is a hint of cinnamon
on the breeze
and you feel tart and waiting,
all persimmon round and soft,
poised and biding your time.
You are sweet and surprising
like the last bright flares
of roses
and the final determined blue hydrangeas.
Your air is filled with birdsong
and squirrel chatter,
geese and monarchs passing by,
and tufted titmice tumbling
through the brown-spotted green umbrellas
of the remaining mulberry leaves.
you enchant me,
you enfold me,
you unfold me
into wondering what is next.
Here, you invite me to pause,
held between sunbeam and dappled shade
to consider what is possible,
what I want
and what is waning,
what to cherish and what to let go.
May I savor your fleeting enchantment
and tapestry of change,
your quiet and insistent celebration
of both harvesting and releasing.

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