Restoration and Renewal (#30DaysofGoddess)

I returned to myself.
I returned bearing prayers,
and power,

Welcome to October!

#30DaysofGoddess is about making a space for magic and crafting a more magical life, one with more connection, more joy, more delight, and more wholeness.

Things to consider this month:

  • How do you carve out space for yourself in your life?
  • How are you preparing for the descent into the final part of the year?
  • What do you need to feel strengthened and renewed?
  • What do you need to keep your magic strong and bright?
  • What do you need for renewal? How might you let yourself have it?
  • How can you restore yourself daily?

This month’s #30DaysofGoddess resources:

Additional Resources:

Daily practice makes a space
to dialogue with divinity,
to walk with the goddess,
to inhabit the sacred each day.

Happy October! I’m so glad you’re here!

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