Poem: Making Space

There is steam lifting from
the wild grapevines
and a spider web strung
across the porch rails,
threaded with rainbows
and glistening
as it waves slightly back and forth
in the barest of breezes,
the swaying motion meeting
grapevine breath as both dance
with sunbeams and morning.
There are fat and sassy dragonflies
darting about every open field
and creekside.
There is butterfly weed in bloom
and slender bush clover lifting pink spires
from the roadsides.
There are leftover raindrops
on the worn boards of the deck
and the mulberry trees
have rallied,
lifting their remaining leaves
back up to the broad sky.
We need space in our lives
to keep company
with the sacred,
with the ordinary magic of each day,
to learn from spider webs,
to be blessed by raindrops,
to breathe grapevine breath,
to take a chance on noticing
where we are
and how we feel,
to dare to inhabit
our own lives,

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