Video: We’Moon 2023 Unboxing!

I’m delighted to be the Holy Days writer for the We’Moon datebook and We’Moon on the Wall (wall calendar) for 2023. My copies just came in this week. Below, there is an unboxing video and flip-through of the datebooks. This is the first time I saw the art they chose to pair with my seasonal pieces!

Note: I said in the video that I bought my first We’Moon in 2003, but it would really have been 2004. My first baby was born in 2003, but he was close to one when I actually journeyed beneath the street and returned to the surface bearing forbidden wisdom in my hands.

Do you have a forbidden wisdom moment? A time in which you descended to claim your power and then rose back up with your knowledge in your hands?

I will have copies of the datebook available in our Etsy shop soon. I’m also plotting a little in-person reading and circle with my local friends.

We’Moon is on the web here.

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