Poem: The Enchantment of the Ordinary

the enchantment of the ordinary
is as thin and soft and subtle
as the light kiss
of a sudden breeze
across your face
as you sit stale and wondering
in a hot and somber morning.
Sometimes it is rainbow-spangled
spider webs
ephemeral and enduring.
Sometimes it is a monarch butterfly
in the field,
with that curious combination
of aimlessness and intention
in its wandering dance.
Sometimes it is sunshine
through wild grape vines,
or yellow leaves
tumbling through the air
or turkey tracks in the mud.
Whatever it is,
may you attune your senses
to the sacred in the every day,
the small and soft and subtle
and ordinary.
May your eyes fall upon
at least one thing to enchant you.
May your ears pick up the melody
to which we all belong.
May something cause
your skin to tingle
or your fingertips to pause to feel.
May you inhale something
of the world into you,
allow it to delight you
or to teach you something
about your own life.
May you taste something of the holy,
even if it is only your own longing.
May you sense magic somewhere,
some way,
each day.


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