Free intro to daily practice class: #7DaysofGoddess

Daily practice is magic,
your feet are always
on temple ground.

Quick reminder that we offer free introductory class about cultivating and deepening daily practices! #7DaysofGoddess is a sampler of prayers, prompts, and practices drawn from #30DaysofGoddess, a daily devotional experience that combines sacred space, artistic practice, and daily practice all in one. It can be approached fresh as a stand alone experience, or can be used to deepen and enhance your existing practices!

Register for free here.

Class includes 7 days of mini rituals, printables to make your own simple prayerbook and prayercards, a super brief affirmation video and prayer reading for each day, and longer (7-40 minute) videos and audios to nourish and support you on your goddess-centered path.

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