The Power of Daily Practice: Refusing to Surrender Our Joy

Sometimes when life feels heavy and the world feels snarled with pain, daily practice is something we sacrifice, feeling as if it is an indulgence to tend to our spirits in the face of so much suffering. I find, however, that making a space for the sacred in your every day is precisely how you have enough “fuel” in your tank to be able to turn towards the suffering with open eyes, an open heart, and open hands, nourished and strong enough to reach out to others with compassion and presence. Refusing to surrender our small joys and scraps of enchantment, refusing to silence our magic or to give up on wonder, these can be some of the most powerful acts of resistance to a fragmentary culture.

Today is a ritual,
an invitation
to liberate yourself
from expectations
and to inscribe new possibilities
into the sacred text
of now.


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