Mini Review: Home to Her

I was pleased to write an endorsement for the new book, Home to Her, by Liz Kelly, forthcoming from Womancraft Publishing. Pre-orders are currently open for the book. (Side note: I was interviewed by Liz about Walking with Persephone last October.)

Home to Her is a compelling narrative at once personal, herstorical, mystical, and exploratory. Liz’s voice is both gentle and fierce, weaving an engaging book that draws from personal experience—both mundane and mystical—family and ancestral experience, and the work of other foremothers, wayshowers, and theorists from years gone by. 

Willing to wrestle with complex topics such as the legacy of colonialism and European appropriation of indigenous land, voices, stories, and traditions, Home to Her skillfully guides the reader across a multifaceted landscape of experiencing, questioning, exploring, and coming into relationship with the divine in our lives and our world.

Home to Her is a love song to the Sacred Feminine, in her many forms and faces, past, present, indwelling, and strong.

Also, check out Liz’s powerful, ongoing Home to Her podcast here.

Photo from Womancraft Publishing.

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