Doorways to the Sacred

Something to remember when it comes to commitment to a daily practice is that you can always start again, you can always start anew. The number one things I see in people when it comes to daily practice “not working,” is the sense of guilt or shame or failure about having skipped something and then feeling like you can’t go back or like you have to catch. I am here to say that the very second you notice that you’ve missed something is the second to do it, whether it’s a teeny little prayer, a sacred breath, a just the whispered words “goddess, guide me.” Daily practice can truly be as simple as a whispered word or a hand on your heart. The second of noticing is your doorway into practice. If you truly get to the end of the day and you feel you haven’t had time for anything and you feel the longing for something to be different—that actually means you still have moment right there, the moment in which you felt the longing for something different, there is an invitation to offer something, right then, something small and present.

And, while cliché, tomorrow truly is another day. The only thing that is going to stop you from having the new day be different is skipping it again. You can always replenish and begin again. In daily practice, there’s no shame, no blame. If you missed three days doing your practice, this doesn’t mean you’re out. Today is a new day and you can start afresh.

Daily practice is both an intense commitment and a soft container in which to hold and be held. May you create sacred spaces for both holding and being held.


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  1. I think so many of us have been conditioned to a “do it right or don’t do it at all” attitude that it’s often hard and for some scary to break away from what we thought was the only way to do something. About 30 years ago I learned to do things my way, to suit my needs and started to see each day as a new beginning. Now in my 60’s I have come to see each hour can be a new beginning.

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