Video: Spring Magic Mini Prayerbook

One of the things I’ve delighted in created for the Goddess Magic community on Patreon over the last two years is a series of mini prayerbooks. The books can be printed out double sided, folded in half, and sewed or stapled into a small greeting card or thank you note as the cover. These mini books are much simpler than our ongoing #30DaysofGoddess prayerbooks, but still give you that little sacred space to check in, to connect with the season, and to engage creatively with the magic of the season.

This video is a brief flip through of my Spring Magic mini book:

I made an additional video of how to assemble and sew one and it is here:

This year’s Spring Magic prayerbook is a perk for our Patreon community, but I do have a past year’s edition available for anyone here.

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