Celebrating International Women’s Day: Embodying the Goddess Video Workshop (Parliament of the World’s Religions)

In October, I was honored to co-present a workshop at the Parliament of the World’s Religions with my friends Lucy Pearce of Womancraft Publishing, Dionne Ruff-Sloan of Goddess Teahouse, Caryn Moon of the Divine Feminine App, and Gina Martin of Triple Spiral of Dun na Sidhe.

Our workshop answered the question: what does it mean to be involved in a living, embodied, intensely personal experience of spirituality with Goddess and how do we extend that new-old living tradition outwards to others, trust our own authority, and create our own ceremonies?  In the workshop, we create a ritual with you and open the door for you to access the power of ritual and ceremony while developing a living, personal relationship with Goddess in your own life.

Now, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we share this workshop with you!

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