Poem: Scraps of Succor for the Soul from the Shores of Despair

When the weariness finds you,
when you wonder whether you’ve
got anything left to give,
when you are heartsick, heartsore,
and worn in your bones…
Gather the shreds of your soul
and knit them back together
with the needles of longing.
Collect the shards of your spirit,
and mosaic together a living truth
that shines through every crack.
Crawl through the stones and stems
until you find the shades of joy
that you thought you’d lost,
and hold them up to the sun.
Patiently unpick the snarls of your striving
and run your hands over
the fibers of your being
until you can feel
the knots loosen
and the heart beneath them
shine and soar.
Gather the grit and gravel of living
and sift it until it sparkles
with the sweetness of
renewed wonder.
Slide your hands through slivers
of meaning until you find
the scraps that hold
your secrets
even if they slice a bit
and are sharp to taste.
Watch your shadows sneak past you
while you snack on strips of sorrow
and sip spicy
droughts of delight.
Sink into surprise,
letting the wind curl
around your shoulders
to stroke your spine.
Soften into wildness
as life strips you back into splinters
and slows your steps.
Slip into the stream of living,
scooping up the knowing
that refuses to be silenced
and bow before the swell of understanding
that promises to keep you afloat
and swimming
on the spirals and swirls of this,
life’s sacred song.

This poem is from my book Sunlight on Cedar. I felt like re-sharing it today as I feel each of us, in some way, feels the sense of being on the shores of despair. A pdf version is available to you here.


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