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One of my goals this year was to re-open classes that were closed during our complex transition between classrooms (and back again). I’ve also realized that it is going to be overwhelming to dump them on you all at once, so I’m holding back the release of some of them for later this year. All of these classes self-guided and perpetual—meaning you can start and stop them at any time, rather than being bound to a specific schedule. I do check in on them weekly, so I will comment on your comments, but they are asynchronous in terms of delivery and presence.

Currently open are:

  • Mini Class: Moonwheels (single day, resource-library format)
  • Mini Class: Trinket Oracles (single day, resource-library format)
  • Free Class: #7DaysofGoddess (seven day intro to devotional practice class)
  • Free Class: Goddess Studies and Ritual (two week intro to thealogy and goddess-centered spirituality)
  • Deep Dive Devotional Class: #30DaysofGoddess (31 days of content in devotional practice and goddess-centered practice)
  • Reflective, Self-Inquiry Class: Living the Questions (ten months of weekly, insight and personal growth based content drawn from multiple disciplines).

For ongoing, open-ended, creative exploration and new experiences/developments, the best resources from me currently are:

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