Celebrating Imbolc: Brigid Invocation

I stand in the center of the wheel, Brigid, and I ask for your wisdom, your guidance, and your blessing.

I turn to the East and call it in. Cool air. A fresh breath of wisdom. A sigh of release and freedom. The whisper of poetry on the wind.

I turn to South and call it in. The brightness of new ideas. The warmth of the sun. The fiery forge of transformation. The heat of my own skin.

I turn to the West and call it in. The rainfall. The sweep of the river. The healing waters of your well. The swift hum of blood in my veins.

I turn to the North and call it in. The solidness of stone. The grand arc of the trees against the sky. The steady heart of the sacred oak. The anchoring of my own feet on this beautiful ground.

On February first and second we celebrate Brigid, Imbolc, and the anniversary of Brigid’s Grove itself. Imbolc (Brigid’s Day) is our anniversary as a business. We love to celebrate by doing something special for our customers, even though we are always traveling at this time and therefore don’t necessarily have new inventory in the shop. This month our Creative Spirit Newsletter will include a Imbolc Magic prayerbook printable for you as well additional resources for celebrating Her day. The newsletter will be sent at the end of January, so make sure you’re on the list here.

Additional resources and rituals for celebrating the wheel of the year are offered to our Goddess Magic community on Patreon.

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