The Power of Devotional Practice (#30DaysofGoddess)

Do you crave time for devotional practice? Are you hungering for sacred space and for where to go on your goddess-centered path? Our new #30DaysofGoddess devotional class offers prompts, practices, and prayers for every day of January!

In celebration of a new year, we are offering a limited time coupon code discount on the upcoming #30DaysofGoddess class. The coupon is for $15 off with code “NEWYEAR” and is good until January second, so register soon!

#30DaysofGoddess was a completely unexpected offering for me in 2021 and it changed my life as well as the lives of so many other people who took part in some way over the last 365 days. Do not let the 365 days concept scare you, as this is very much a one day at a time, one moment at a time practice, with no failure and no behind!

Some reflections after 365 Days of Goddess…

Here we are at the edge of 2022. 365 days of bearing witness, of noticing, of setting pen to page and colored pencil to paper. 365 days of keeping company with the sacred, with joy, with myself. 365 days of sacred pauses, of flashes of magic, of new words patiently being born. 365 days of seeing and breathing, being and feeling. 365 days of conscious presence and mindfulness. 365 days of showing up for myself and for what is. 365 chances to listen to the Goddess, to rest a hand against my heart and uncover what I know and what She whispers. 365 new prayers, 365 observations, 365 slices of seeing, 365 days of discovering the magic of exactly where I am. 365 days of listening to the Goddess in the world on hoof and wing, in the wind and woods, and signs and dreams, in my own skin, and right beneath my feet. There is deep power in keeping a promise, upholding a vow, repeating a commitment and beginning again each day, body, breath, and heart aligned with what you hold most dear.

#30DaysofGoddess is a simple system of daily devotion that offers prompts, prayers, and practices for cultivating a mindful goddess-centered life. It combines prayer writing, or prayer speaking with daily observation, simple rituals and daily awareness, checking in with the magic of place, the sanctity of now, and the magic of being alive where and who you are. It is a container for creative expression and sacred experiencing all in one. It was created in response to the questions of how and what. How do I feel her presence? What do I do?

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Other Updates

  • If you are interested in a goddess-centered, devotional community, I’ve updated our Patreon membership options for 2022. Options include monthly printables, devotional prayerbooks, automatic access to all #30DaysofGoddess updates and files, and now some surprise card-based magic mail too!
  • The #30DaysofGoddess practice home page will be updated with new resources for January on December 29. As always, the core practice and supporting resources are free and you are welcome to join in at any time.
  • Reminder that our Calamoondala class is open and free! This is a quick, one day class that can be completed in one sitting. 

When we repeat an action,
or a practice,
or a prayer
it gathers power
and grows stronger.
Keeping promises to ourselves
is how trust grows.
Committing to practices
that replenish
and sustain us
is how magic deepens
and faith settles in to stay.

Happy New Year!

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