#30DaysofGoddess Companion Devotional Decks!

Daily devotion is magic.
Your feet are always
on temple ground.

A quick update post to let you know that our companion goddess devotional decks are now listed in the shop. I’m so thrilled to offer this simple addition to your daily practices, with virtually endless possibilities and ways to combine and integrate these resources with your existing practices!

These decks of 100 cards in a double-size tin case can be split into three decks: prompts, prayers, and practices. I’m incredibly thrilled to bring these into being! A full deck unboxing is on Youtube here.

I am also here to say that daily practice, time with yourself, and devotional practices are NOT not an indulgence, in fact that can be powerful acts of resistance to an “attention economy” whose daily mission it is to separate you from yourself and that inner whisper from within that says, “yes, this.”

  • Reminder: we also have a new free class to introduce you to #30DaysofGoddess and daily practice: #7DaysofGoddess includes printables, prayers, and practices to nourish your daily devotional work.
  • Printed October prayerbooks for #30DaysofGoddess are also available in the shop and via Lulu directly.

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