Walking with Persephone is here!

“If you look for evidence that the world is made of magic, for evidence that your life is magical,
you will find it everywhere.”

–Molly Remer, Walking with Persephone: a journey of midlife descent and renewal

Walking with Persephone has officially been launched into the world! I wrote it two years ago and smoothed it out this year and now it is here…in my hands. I did it! The book is available from Womancraft Publishing as well as from Brigid’s Grove and it is also on Amazon (print and Kindle).

Here are some words from my editor (Lucy Pearce) about the book:

“This book has reconnected me again and again to the wonder of the natural world, to magic, to living in a different way. If you are dealing with burnout, overwhelm, disconnection, longing for yourself… for connection to the sacred, may I gently suggest this book…a glorious tapestry of crows and roses, poems and prayers, deer and delight, reflections and rituals to inspire and nourish the soul. Thank you Molly.”

It is a strange and tender business to write a book, especially one as vulnerable as this one. Here she goes!

from the Womancraft shop for a signed copy with limited edition bookmark – click HERE
from Brigid’s Grove as either a gift set or on its own
from Amazon UK – click HERE
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About the Book

Walking with Persephone: A Journey of Midlife Descent and Renewal
Midlife can be a time of great change – inner and outer. How do we journey through this…and what can we learn in the process?

Molly Remer is our personal guide to the unraveling and reweaving required in midlife. She invites us to take a walk with the goddess Persephone, whose story of descent into the Underworld has much to teach us.

This book is a journey of soul-rebuilding, of putting the pieces of oneself back together.
Walking with Persephone weaves together personal insights and reflections with experiences in practical priestessing, family life, and explorations of the natural world. It advocates opening our eyes to the wonder around us, encouraging the reader to both look within themselves for truths about living, but also to the earth, the air, the animals, and plants we share our lives with.
Part memoir, part poetry, part soul guide, Molly’s evocative voice is in the great American tradition of sacred nature writing.  
Praise for the book  

“What a gloriously contemplative, hopeful, truthful book. It took me deep into my innermost heart and reminded me of the simple grace of being alive. A book to keep nearby when you forget what matters most.”

Jennifer Louden, author of Why Bother? and The Woman’s Retreat Book  

“Packed with Molly Remer’s glorious prose and poetry, Walking with Persephone is a heartfelt and glorious read. My copy is furiously marked up with passages to return to. There is much wisdom and healing to be found in this very relatable book.”

Trista Hendren, Creatrix of Girl God Books

“I smiled often in recognition while reading Molly Remer’s account of her midlife underworld journey, Walking with Persephone. Like her, I find sustenance in my relationship with the natural world, the power of Place, and the Sacred Feminine. I see myself and my community in her story as she meets the challenge of tending to the needs of her inner life while not abandoning responsibilities to family and work. I loved the authenticity of her ruminations; it was like having a heartfelt talk with a good friend. Her words sparked my own creativity as I read, even though midlife is behind me and I grapple with different challenges. All of us will descend and rise time and time again over the course of our lives. I recommend this book as an inspiring map for navigating your own underworld journey, complete with tools and devotional practices to guide you on your way.”

Joanna Powell Colbert, creator of the Gaian Tarot and co-creator of the Herbcrafter’s Tarot  

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