#30DaysofGoddess Companion Deck Pre-Orders + Other Announcements!

We are so excited to announce that companion daily devotional decks for #30DaysofGoddess are now available for pre-order! Shipping is anticipated on or before September 1, 2021.

New decks!

This simple daily practice is meant to mesh into your life as it really is, right now. It is intended to nourish and support your existing practices as well as to offer you sustenance and renewal on your goddess-centered path.


  • #30DaysofGoddess dedicated home page is here (videos, downloadable files and more. Much is free, some is available specifically for the members of our Patreon community).
  • Newsletter list specifically for the 30 Days of Goddess practice is free and available here.
  • Lammas/First Fruits newsletter is here (includes free ritual kit pdf, guided audio ritual, and other resources).
  • We update the etsy shop with new inventory every single Friday! Fall holiday colors will be in the August 13 update.
  • My new book Walking with Persephone published by Womancraft Publishing is now available for pre-order directly from them.

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  1. Hello! I’m excited to get Walking With Persephone. Will it be available in your Etsy shop, or is it only available through Womancraft? Thanks! I adore Sunlight on Cedar so much.

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