Microloans as Microactivism

In 2012, we covered women, finance, and economic inequality in our Rise Up and Call Her Name class. As a group, we decided to start making microloans via Kiva.org and have kept that original money recirculating continuously for the last 8 years, making 55 loans to different women and groups in a variety of countries. Last week, I made our first “Crisis Support” microloan to an organization in Ghana. I then added additional microloans to a woman in Zambia and, in another first, to a woman in Dayton, IN (our first US-based loan! Her link is here).

This is not intended as a back-patting moment, but rather to encourage you to scope out Kiva too. As long as you don’t take the money back out and you reinvest in another person as soon as you have enough money back in to do so, you can keep a relatively small amount of money working for years and years like this. 

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