New Online Women’s Circle! Wondering and Wise

I am so excited to announce the birth of a new collaborative online Women’s Circle!

Wondering and Wise is now open for registration!

My dear friend Dr. Annise and I are so excited to welcome you into this collaborative, co-creative, exploratory journey into your own power. As women and mothers in our forties, this circle was born out of our own desire to explore, discover, and uncover the power and wisdom available to us during the mid-life stages of the women’s wheel of life. We decided to open our explorations up to other women in a similar demographic, theorizing that we are not alone in wanting more information, resources, support, and guidance during life stage that is often shrouded in mystery and confusion.

Wondering and Wise is rooted in our shared interest in supporting other women through peri-menopause and beyond, into their wisdom years. This open-ended community will be an evolving, co-creative, collaborative endeavor and we’re both excited to discover what we will uncover together on this shared journey. Dr. Annise will be primarily focusing on nutritional, health, and physical components of our shared offering and I will be focusing on spiritual and emotional components. We are both so thrilled about walking alongside you as you wonder and wander into your own wisdom with us!

Note: this evolving, ongoing circle experience is offered on a monthly subscription basis ($34 a month).

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