Autumn is Here!

Oh, holy, holy
these prayers that drift
on falling leaves
and wisps of cloud
dropping into my
cupped hands
with my dreams.

This is the blog post version of our fall Creative Spirit Circle Journal.

This month we offer you a free full Fall Equinox Ritual packet!

Our free Everyday Magic classroom also has additional fall resources from the community, a guided meditation, and a Deepening mandala activity available. If you’re already in the classroom, check in here. If you have not registered for the classroom yet, it is free and you can do so here.

“… we begin by making new metaphors. Without negating the light, we reclaim the dark: the fertile earth where the hidden seed lies unfolding, the unseen power that rises within us, the dark of sacred human flesh, the depths of the ocean, the night—when our senses quicken; we reclaim all the lost parts of ourselves we have shoved down into the dark. Instead of enlightenment, we begin to speak of deepening…”

— Starhawk, Dreaming the Dark

Autumn Shop Update

We are pleased to introduce our special edition goddesses! These will all be available while supplies last between now and Nov 1. All of the items are themed around both Harvest Magic and the gratitude of the season as well as the idea of “Deepening”–deepening into the fall, into ourselves, into the sacred, in the shadows, into the well of life. Our surprise fall ritual kits sold out before I had a chance to send this newsletter. It was the last surprise seasonal kit that we plan to offer, though we will still have periodic seasonal goodies and potentially some less complex mini kits or class kits. We also do offer a surprise mini kit every month with several tiers of our Patreon!

Deepening and Harvest Magic Resources… 

The second edition of Womanrunes is ready to order also! It has been four years since I first wrote the book and I’ve continued to work with the runes every single day during that time, so I had a lot to add!

Changes to second edition:

  • new interpretation information and questions added for all 41 runes (book is now 207 pages long).
  • 17 card layouts added to book
  • small changes/corrections to information, resources, additional content, and formatting
  • reference page numbers added to front table for each rune (yay!)
  • new side-close box for cards
  • card content remains the same except for some small formatting changes to keyword format (i.e. consistency in which words are capitalized where there were some inconsistencies before), deletion of the blank card, and the addition of some of the new card layouts in card form.

We also introduced our first She Listens Story Goddesses last month. This new design was created to represent listening to yourself, to your heart, to your wisdom, to the Goddess, to the earth, to your intuition, and to your own knowing. These first goddesses are themed around sacred sites of the Goddess on islands around the world.

I am steeping in my wisdom
Stirring up my spirit
Savoring my flavor.
I am twilight
and shadow.
Deepen with me
and become the container
of your own emergence…

Fall Blessings to you all!

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