Happy Spring!

Let us greet this morning with smiling faces
Hair unbound
Hearts full of glee
Birdsong in one hand
Roses in the other
Let us dance to River’s music
And Earth’s heartbeat
Under quickening leaves
We are full with the promise of spring.

This month we offer you a fun, simple freebie:

Also, remember that your Earthprayer journey begins on March 21. This class has two registration options. One is free using code “freeclass” and one is only $27 and includes a little bundle of goodies in the mail. This two week course is designed to offer you a gently nourishing daily “sacred pause” to enable you to take a gentle, daily moment to simply receive. There is nothing to do, but enjoy and take a minute to connect with yourself and with the Earth.

Spring Product Announcements:
We have several of our special surprise Spring Magic ritual kits available! We also have Spring Magic goddesses on their own. Our special Dream Blossoms mandala kits with rough calcite are still in the works and will hopefully be listed before the month is over.

March is the second birthday of the original Story Goddesses! We have created so many of these sculptures since her birth, that it feels like she has been around much, much longer than two years. We are so blessed by the wonderful feedback we receive on these goddesses, by our many nourishing and inspiring interactions with our customers, and by your many good ideas and suggestions for our creative process and which goddesses to introduce next.

Other Classes
If you feel that “divine hum” of connection and are eager to delve into the possibilities of professional priestessing, our six month immersive Priestess journey begins in April. I pour my soul into this course and I am very much looking forward to the expanded timeframe and the depth and breadth of what we can experience during that time together. We have only two spaces remaining for this course!

As the wheel of the year continues to turn, may you be blessed with abundant happiness, joyful song, bright flowers, and steadfast hope.

Molly, Mark, + Family

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