An Invocation and Practice for Brigid’s Day


I stand in the center of the wheel, Goddess, and I ask for your guidance, your essence, and your blessings.

I turn to the East and call it in. Cool air. Fresh breath of wisdom. A sigh of release and freedom. The whisper of poetry on the brigidwind.

I turn to South and call it in. The brightness of new ideas. The warmth of the sun. The fiery forge of transformation. The heat of my own skin. 

 I turn to the West and call it in. The rainfall. The sweep of the river. The healing waters of her well. The swift hum of blood in my veins. 

 I turn to the North and call it in. The solidness of stone. The grand arc of the trees against the sky. The steady heart of the sacred oak. The anchoring of my own feet on this beautiful ground.

The time between Winter Solstice and Imbolc is “liminal space.” This time out of time allows the opportunity for contemplation, reflection, and visioning for the year to come. Imbolc (Brigid’s Day) is also our anniversary as a business. We love to celebrate by doing something special for our customers who we so value and are honored to share space with over the course of each year. This year, we would like to share this Brigid mandala practice as a gift to you.

This powerful mandala can be used in multiple ways:

  • To color and enjoy as a calming, meditative artistic project just for fun.
  • In combination with your “Core Desired Feelings” for 2018 (see for more on CDFs). You might mandalawithcdfswrite your CDFs on the goddesses or around the edges of circle.
  • In combination with Womanrunes, intentionally selected or intuitively drawn—you may wish to draw the rune symbols on the goddesses or around the border of the mandala.
  • In combination with other oracle card decks—you may do a reading for the month for yourself and add keywords and insights to the mandala.
  • To metaphorically “hang” your prayers upon as pilgrims to Brigid’s sacred sites do upon “clootie trees.”
  • As a personal meditation and reminder of what you need to tend your flame—last year, I chose to write the things I know I need to “tend my flame” around the upper edge of the circle between the arms of the goddesses and this year I chose to include my Core Desired Feelings.
  • As a grid with crystals and mini goddesses for healing, intention, or other purposes.

Note: In our newsletter this month we also offer you the gift of the complete digital ritual kit, Tending Your Flame, from which this mandala is excerpted, in honor of Brigid and in appreciation for your presence in our lives.

“As the season of Believing seems to wind down for the rest of the world, please let me gently make something very clear. Many dreams still wait in the wings. Many aspirations are just within our grasp…Many hungers need nourishment. Many yearnings must be acknowledged… Many authentic sparks must be fanned before Passion performs her perfect work in you. Throw another log on the fire…”

–Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

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