I stand rooted here on the earth and offer my gratitude.
I turn to the East and offer gratitude for the air I breathe. 23737778_1999890330223179_1978728687575616037_o
I turn to the South and offer gratitude for the fire of my spirit.
I turn to the West and offer gratitude for river, lake, stream, and ocean.
I turn to the North and offer gratitude for stone, tree, and bone.
I touch the earth and offer gratitude for this land I call home.
I reach towards the sky and offer gratitude for sun and stars.
I place my hand on my heart and breathe deep,
offering gratitudeĀ 
for all that I am and all that I have
and for the many blessings of my life.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for being a part of Brigid’s Grove this year. However you participate, each one of you is a blessing in your own irreplaceable way. Our updated Gratitude Ritual Kit is available for you here. If you’re not a member of the free Creative Spirit Circle yet, we’re making a place for you. And, our Winter Magic class has begun and is free too!

I also wanted to share this post about “thanksgiving magic” from Jess Carlson, who I have followed online for quite some time. It includes a printable 30 Day Gratitude Journal, which includes a card reading/pull for each of the 30 days. Cool resource! Enjoy!

If you feel called to walk the priestess path, our next intensive course in Practical Priestessing begins in April.

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