Weekly Ritual: Healing and Remembering

“If the mind can get quiet enough, something sacred will be revealed.”

–Helen Tworkov in Keys to the Open Gate

Breathe, pause, and call yourself in. Into this time and into this space. Into your body and your breath and the beat of your heart. You may wish to place one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly and hum gently to center yourself in this time and in space. And, with your next breath, extend your awareness to the other people joining this circle, in their times and their places, each connected in this web we weave together with each breath.

Our ritual recording for this week is available here.22135511_1977638685781677_3917228509397643344_o

It is short this week as we are preparing to go out of town for a little vacation before our busy holiday season begins. In the recording, I share two poems, some thoughts about the rune of the week, some thoughts about working at home and about life-work balance, and some quotes about paying attention.

Note: I made this recording before the recent attack in Las Vegas and so it is a little more “lightweight” than it feels like it should be.

Our card for the week from Womanrunes was The Sun, rune of healing, rejuvenation, and recreation. Where do you need healing? What do you need for rejuvenation and recreation?

The free printable affirmation cards referenced in the audio are available in two parts:

“When we pay attention, whatever we are doing–whether it be cooking, cleaning, or making love–is transformed and becomes part of our spiritual path. We begin to notice details and textures that we never noticed before; everyday life becomes clearer, sharper, and at the same time more spacious.”

–Rick Fields in Keys to the Open Gate

May you pay attention. May you notice when the streets are wet with rain. May you delight in sunlight on blossom, in the whisper of falling leaves, and in the deepest yes of your own heart.

And now, the rattle passes to you…

(If you’re not a member of the Creative Spirit Circle yet, we welcome you to join us! It is free and fabulous!)



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