Free Solar Eclipse Ritual Kit

May we remember,
that we breathe the same air eclipsegoddess
we drink the same water
we gaze at the same stars
we are warmed by the same sun
and our nights are lit by the same moon.

Our hands extend to one another
and we create peace on earth.   

May there be a song on our lips 
love in our hearts
and courage in our feet.

May we hold space,
hold hope,
and hold on.

I dreamed of the eclipse and during it, I sat on the earth with my hands on her surface, feeling the pulse of her ensoulment and living breath and I 20776636_1958248711054008_4969490166223338501_ogathered together all my prayers and sent them into her, prayers for healing, prayers for peace, prayers for the planet. And, she replied: “I am big enough for anything. You do not need to worry about me. Worry about yourselves.”

After some discussion in the Creative Spirit Circle Facebook group, we created a simple eclipse ritual outline to share with others. I also created a new card layout using the Sun and Moon rune from Womanrunes (of course!) and it is included in the packet. Feel free to use what works for you and leave the rest! The heart of the ritual is the prayer for collective action (excerpted above) and I look at this eclipse as an opportunity for many of us to offer this prayer in powerful, collaborative, union, as so many of us will be looking outward together in the same direction on August 21, amplifying our energy and harmonizing our wishes, blessings, and prayers as we stand on our beautiful, ensouled planet.

“Ancient people saw and heard oracles everywhere because they lived in an ensouled world. The phrase ‘ensouled world’ may inspire us today, but perceiving everything around us as truly alive, brimming with consciousness, intensely present, and gazing back at us is an experience of a different order. Few adults living in modern culture are able to sustain an ensouled relationship with creation for more than a few moments at a time…”

–Dianne Skafte, Listening to the Oracle



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