The Web of Creativity…

“I weave strings of energyjune-2017-099
into the web of creation

Where nothing was before
out of the void
into the world
I spin them into existence
Out from my mind
out from my body
out of my awareness of what needs to be
Now there is something new
and all life is nourished.”

–Ix Chel in The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky

The audio recording for our free weekly Creative Spirit Circle ritual is available here.

What are you creating lately? Are you in touch with yourself creatively?

From The Goddess Oracle this week, we received Ix Chel, the Mayan goddess of the moon, weaving, creativity, and birth. (Also dragonflies!). It is time to stoke the fire and to let your creativity flow. “Creativity nurtures, creativity reweaves the tears in our vitality, creativity heals. It is our birthright and our lifeblood; it makes us healthy and happy…find the time, make the time, create the time to be creative.” Do you feel blocks in your creativity? What in your life pulls you away from creating? Ix Chel is here to remind us that our wholeness is nurtured through creative expression.

From Womanrunes we again received the Cauldron of Dancing Women. This rune is both a rune of containment AND of action. The Cauldron of the Earth holds us, steeps us, allows our flavors to blend and mellow, and we are forged in its fires. There is an alchemy of creation in this rune as well as celebration, honor, and loyalty. For me, this rune this week made me ask myself questions about whether I keep my promises to myself and how to show up for myself as well as others.

How are you “dancing”? Do you show up in your own life with honor? Are you keeping your promises to yourself and to others?

In our recording, I share an Ix Chel meditation as well as several quotes and some thoughts about life in general.

Affirmation for the week: I keep my promises to myself and I embrace my creativity!

And now, dear circle members, the rattle passes to you…

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2 thoughts

  1. This really speaks to my heart! Creativity is very important to me. I love to create with the gifts that Mother Nature offers: stones, twigs, moss, leaves, flowers, herbs, etc. I love to work, also, with clay and I’ve recently (this year!) begun painting and working with chalk pastels to create images that honor the Goddess and all things “Feminine Divine.”

    Having both Native American blood (my paternal great-grandmother was Hunkpapa Lakota) and very deep Scottish, Welsh and Irish roots on my paternal grandmother’s and my maternal grandfather’s sides of the family, I find myself drawn to an Earth-based spirituality and a belief in the interconnectedness of all things in the Web of Life.

    From those roots, I create, drawing upon the Wisdom of my Ancestors.

    Thank you, Molly, for sharing this beautiful poem and the information concerning Ix Chel.

    I recently purchased the Womanrunes book and deck of cards and am eagerly awaiting their arrival, so that I can use them in my personal meditation times and also with my Sacred Circle of Sisters.

    Blessings, Molly!

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