Sacred Practice: How to Watch a Sunset

This practice comes from the book The Art of Doing Nothing by Veronique Vienne.

“Doers that we are, we can’t help but feel that the sun is like us — a busy celestial body running circles around the Earth.  This false impression is a tenacious one, but we can resist it.  The next time you watch a sunset, sit tight.  Experience the Earth’s majestic rotation.  Here is how to do it…”

1.  Before dusk, face the sun as it nears the horizon.  Notice how you assume that it is sinking.  Remind yourself that this downward motion is anjanuary-2017-195 optical illusion.

2.  In your imagination, pin the sun to the sky.  Make sure it doesn’t budge.

3.  Now watch the horizon climb gradually toward the sun.  Imagine the ground shifting under your feet.

4.  Give in to the feeling that the Earth is tilting backward in slow motion.

5.  As the sun disappears, visualize your side of the planet rolling quietly into the twilight.

6.  Congratulations. In the last ten minutes, you’ve done a ten-thousand-miles-per-hour backward somersault into the night.

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