Centering and Surrender

“It is so easy to close down to risk, to protect ourselves against change and growth. But no baby bird emerges without first destroying the perfect egg sheltering it. We must risk being raw and fresh and awkward. For without such openness, life will not penetrate us anew. Unless we are open, we will not be filled.”

–Patricia Monaghan

Place one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly and hum gently to center yourself in this time and in space. Call yourself in, feeling yourself present in your body, on this earth, breathing in and out, in and out.

This week, I made a recording to go with our mini ritual for the Creative Spirit Circle! (free to join here). In the recording, I talk a bit more in depth about our cards for the week and also share a “how to watch a sunset” practice I’ve been enjoying recently.

Our card for the week from Womanrunes, was The Reflection, rune of surrender. This rune is not about “giving up,” but rather about unclenching april-2017-094your life. How can you soften, open up, release, and let go?

From The Goddess Oracle we received Tara, who has been showing up a lot for me recently. Tara is here to remind you to center. To nourish your own wholeness, to strengthen your center, to focus your awareness within the swirl and bustle of every day life. When you are centered in yourself, in your own wholeness, you are stronger and more capable of dancing with what life has to offer. How do you find your center? How do you hold your center?

Center and surrender. Surrender and center.

I also decided to choose an amulet from my Amulets of the Goddess set and we received the Dancing Bird Goddess. This amulet is about shamanic experiences and she reminds us that shamanic experiences are not always fun. “Your daily identity may be cracking and falling away, allowing your more authentic self to push to the surface. This may feel like you’re ‘losing your head’ or being torn apart. You may feel an inner fire in the form of hot flashes or bursts of insight as your energy is agitated, exciting change.” The Dancing Goddess is a sign that “magic is afoot.” You may feel inflamed and fiery. Remember to channel your energy in healthy, healing ways. This amulet comes with the affirmation: “The Goddess is alive. Magic is afoot. Goddess energy flows through me and I feel ecstasy of my life.”

This week you might wish to dance ecstatically and engage in whatever physical practices bring you alive!

Feel yourself expand into the delicious expanse of your body and the energy of creation within it. Reach down and touch the earth. Open your arms to the sky. Bring your hands back to your heart and belly, centered right here on this beautiful Earth. Feel aware of the cycle of life into which we are all woven.

May you nourish your wholeness, unclench your life, and dance with your power!

Affirmation for the week: I soften and release. I am centered in my wholeness. 

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