Our Heart’s Meanderings

“Peace of mind is not a rare and exotic flower that only blooms on deserted islands or on top of mountains. You don’t have to travel far and wide to find it. Relaxation is actually a native plant that grows in your own backyard–a hardy one at that. It never entirely gives up, although we repeatedly try to uproot it.” 

–Veronique Vienne (The Art of Doing Nothing)

This week as I called the circle for our (free) Creative Spirit Circle weekly mini ritual, I listened to The Circle is Cast. You can listen here.

I drew two cards for the Circle for this week. From Womanrunes, we received the Wheel. What is changing for you lately? This rune both calls our  17620090_1889250221287191_6988406351744817411_o1attention to changes in our lives and also to what is right here in front of us, wild, wise, and wonderful.  It is also one of the action cards, reminding us that we have a unique place in the wheel of life and to play our “music.”

What music are you playing lately? (metaphorically or literally!).

From the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck, we received Green Tara for the first time (this was neat for me because she is one of the Story Goddesses we are working on for May!). Green Tara has a lot to say…if you are feeling resentful of carrying more than your share of the load, you are doing no favors for anyone, including yourself. You need to ask for help. Seek private time for contemplation and renewal. True productivity comes through focus and clarity, not through struggling and pushing relentlessly (note to self!). Green Tara asks us to be open to our heart’s meanderings.

Where is your heart meandering lately?

Where might you ask for help or delegate a task or chore?

Sometimes we are carrying something that is not ours to carry. What do you need to set down?

Affirmation for the week: I am wild, wise, and wonderful.

Remember we do still have our free Dream Blossoms mandala + printable affirmation card set available to you here!


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