I am a circle
an ancestral circle
it is everpresent17038925_1874986496046897_493355100652001908_o1
it is everlong…

This week as I called the circle for our mini ritual for the free Creative Spirit Circle, I listened to the new CD by Thirteen Women called Songs from the Red Tent. I’m really loving all these songs as a backdrop to my own sacred work during the week. I’ve also been listening as I pack orders, take photos, and write blog posts. It brings the feeling of being in sacred circle to my more everyday tasks.

The Spiral in Womanrunes is the rune of initiation, reminding us that life involves an unfolding spiral of initiatory moments. This is one of the most potent and powerful runes to me and it is incredibly meaningful for me personally. To me, initiation is a lifelong process of becoming. Unfolding. Where are you on your own sacred path? What is unfolding for you?

From the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck, we received Sige again. I really need regular “doses” of quiet time to renew and refresh my spirit, otherwise I begin to feel starved for my own company. What is your favorite personal practice? How might you build in rest, retreat, renewal, and “sacred pauses” into your life this week? Personally, I am trying to remember things I can do to tap in/connect while *not* in solitude/while alone. Sige says: “don’t try to make any decisions now. Just allow your mind to be at rest. You’ll know soon enough when it’s time to take action.” She reminds us that it is silence and stillness that we touch our true origin: “our roots are in the silent void of the universe.”

I’ve also been enjoying these five mudras as a quick daily “body temple” practice.

“I see the wise woman. march-2017-140
She carries a blanket of compassion.
She wears a robe of wisdom.
Around her throat flutters a veil of shifting shapes.
From her shoulders, a mantle of power flows.
A story band encircles her forehead.
She stitches a quilt; she spins fibers into yarn;
she knits; she sews; she weaves.
She ties the thread of our lives together.
She forms a web of spiraling threads.”

–Susun Weed (Healing Wise)

Take a deep breath. Let everything else wash away for a moment. Keep your own counsel. 

What does your inner wise woman have to tell you?

Affirmation for the week: I hold space for myself and I unfold. 

May you all have a beautiful week with plenty of time for some sacred pauses!

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