“They say the moon is feminine. What will happen to me if I bathe myself in the creative feminine?”

–Michelle, in Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much

The author of this book, Anne Wilson Schaef, then goes on to muse: img_1701

If I bathe myself in moonlight, what miraculous and surprising images might emerge?


I suppose the real issue is not the magic of the moonlight, but whether I am willing to slow down enough to let any form of nature have an opportunity to bathe me…

How are you bathing in the creative feminine lately? Are you able to slow down enough to let any form of nature bathe you?

Tonight, I will be collecting ocean full moonwater and drumming on the beach! (And, maybe taking some more pictures though I’m thrilled with the ones here that Mark took last night.) This morning I ran out at sunrise while the moon was setting and recited the Charge of the Goddess and my morning prayers alone on the beach with the song of the waves in the company. ❤

In case you missed it this fall, we offer a free free gratitude ritual kit here, which can used for any occasion, including the full moon.

Here are some more past posts about full moons and family ritual:img_1717

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The free 2017 Calamoondala mini class remains open through the end of the month. And, the Moondalas and Moonwheels class is still open too.

Our Etsy shop has also reopened with new Story Goddesses!


Blessings of the creative, the magical, and the wise to you all. May you take time to bathe in the wild.



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