Fierce Blessing

“If…we fill our lives with things, & again with things; if we consider ourselves so unimportant that we must fill every moment of our lives with action, when will we have the time to make the long, slow journey across the desert as did the Magi? Or sit & watch the stars as did the shepherds?…For each one of us, there is a desert to travel. A star to discover. And a being within ourselves to bring to life.”

–Author Unknown, quoted in Simple Abundance 

How are you journeying today? What are you making space to discover? What are you yearning for? 

I find this time of year always produces a powerful yearning to draw inward, to reflect, evaluate, consider, and listen. I also find the cultural energy of the season makes actually doing so quite difficult! I do feel the powerful call to take a long, slow journey across the (metaphorical) desert and yet allowing myself the space I need to do so, can feel next to impossible.

We’re also getting ready for a big trip and there is a lot of hubbub (and some strain!) with all of that preparation in the midst of holiday festivities too. I did make some time to choose the runes for my 2017 Calamoondala though (and our free how-to class for it is still open).

I also made some space to begin work on my 2017 Shining Year planners. There is nothing like a little Goddess Zen Gardening to restore my spirit!

In my Meditations for Women Who Do too Much book, this quote referring to women becoming older and richer with time and experience, caught my eye over the weekend:

“Lying, walking, sitting in this room, she found herself ripening and coloring…”

–Meridel Le Sueur

Are you ripening and growing richer and more colorful with time? Developing a more intricate patina and deeper hues?

I drew two cards for the (free) Creative Spirit Circle for this week. From Womanrunes, The Wand, Rune of Blessing. What are you calling in, making sacred, honoring? From my new Goddess Oracle deck, I was first surprised to see Sekhmet appear, but then I found her solar Goddess energy quite appropriate for today. This card reminds us to hold space for our anger, to be fierce, and to stand up for ourselves. In the holiday season, we are often encouraged to swallow “negative” feelings. Sometimes, we do need to rage! Have you been swallowing anger or hiding your own fierceness?

Affirmation for the week: I am sacred and fierce.

Bring yourself fully into this moment. Allow your shoulders to drop and your face to relax. Take a deep breath in and exhale any tension. Let your chest fully expand and give your whole body a moment to soften and release…

And now, dear sisters and brothers, the rattle passes to you…

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