Community and Calamoondalas

“Speak your truth
tell your story
stand up for the silenced
speak for the voiceless
believe that hope still has a place.
Hold steady
hold strong
hold the vision
hold each other…”
(Molly, Earthprayer)
An offering. A vision. A hope. A prayer.
I have turned my energy today away from the disappointment, disillusionment, grief, and dismay that I feel over the results of the US election, toward working on the final components of our upcoming free 2017 Calamoondala class. This class walks you through the process of creating your own annual, circular moon calendar, which can also be used as a divination tool for the new year. The mini class  includes three templates that can also be used as crystal grids and it is our free gift to you!
I’m also finishing up a new Trinket Oracle mini class (not free, but quite low cost).
I spent some time out on the deck today in the sunshine and I drew two cards, both speaking to the power of community. From Womanrunes, we received the Crescent Moon, rune of divination and ritual. This rune also reminds us of the power of ritual. Of gathering together with intention and purpose and power, of raising energy, of sealing bonds, of linking arms in sisterhood and circle and solidarity. This rune calls upon you to create your own magic, to define your own truths, and to stir your own rituals into communal meaning.
It’s closing message/affirmation is: You can do it. You already know how.
From the Gaian Tarot, we received the Three of Earth. This is one of my favorite cards in the deck and I think it is becoming my “cosmic wink” card. This card reminds us not to give up on community and connection. It asks: What wonderful gifts are you and your friends making? Where would you be without your tribe? This is a card of synergy and cooperation. The Three of Earth is usually signifies, “building the house of the Goddess.”
How are you building it…it in your own life, family, world?
Love to all of you and may we each take action to create the world we wish to live in.


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