What is your creed?

“Would you sell the colors of your sunset and the fragrance
Of your flowers, and the passionate wonder of
your forest
For a creed that will not let you dance?”

–Helene Johnson in Meditations for Women Who Do too Much

Today, as I prepared the weekly mini rituals for the Creative Spirit Circle and the Goddess Magic Circle in my tiny temple, I opened my book to see the quote above. The author, Anne Schaef, goes on to ask you to consider what is your “creed”? Does it allow you time for sunsets, flowers, and passionate wonder? She then says, which made me laugh: “dancing surely can’t just be for pagans who don’t have to make money. We used to dance before we became so important.”

I am still in the working part of our time off, getting the October newsletter ready, the Samhain ritual kit, and working on new templates for the upcoming Calamoondala class. Tomorrow: hot tub only!

Today, I chose our card from the Goddess Guidance Oracle for our virtual circle and we received Sekhmet. This is the same card I also drew 14590395_10210858403486135_1381532033633868444_nearlier in the day for the Goddess Magic Circle and my initial response to this card was negative because the image is such a Westernized, glamorized image of such a potent goddess. It actually feels almost disrespectful! Since I picked her twice in a row though, I definitely think she has something to say.

Sekhmet encourages us to see ourselves as strong and victorious. You are the embodiment of strength, not victimhood. Don’t complain. Don’t blame.

I experienced some resistance to these messages. Really? We’re not “allowed” to complain? Come on! But then, I recognized that personally I’ve been caught in a place of thinking, “it’s not fair” a lot lately AND complaining quite a lot about many things: our house, the kids, whether we have “enough time” for everything, etc. So, I appreciate the reminder to approach my life from a place of strength and action rather and plaintiveness and reaction.

Sekhment also says: Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t give up. It is time to gather yourself and shore up your strength and power.

In a fitting connection, the Serpent showed up from Womanrunes, also reminding us of our own “elixir of courage.” Are you ready to rise? It is time to unfurl, uncurl, and awaken. Meet her eyes. Taste the breath of freedom. Join the dance.

This week, may you be mindful of the creed that guides you, may you gather your strength, may you uncurl and unclench, may you lift your head to meet her glittering eyes, and may you take time to dance with your one wild and precious life! ❤️

Affirmation for the week: “I am stronger than I think I am.”

14449989_10210795827401772_6594273050135477566_nThis post is modified from our weekly virtual circle in the Creative Spirit Circle Facebook group. The Samhain kit and also pre-registration for the Calamoondala class comes out in the Creative Spirit Circle Journal on Thursday. If for some reason you’re not already on our mailing list, you can join here!


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