Autumn Ritual Kits!

I dance with the autumn leaves
I speak of the cycles of changeAugust 2016 015
the rhythms of the earth
the gentle kiss of wind across your cheek
and the wisdom of letting go…

We introduced our beautiful Autumn Ritual Kits and Autumn Story Goddess at the end of August when we returned from our Cauldron Month. However, we sold out of the deluxe kits within two hours of posting them and I never even had a chance to write a blog post announcing that they were available! So, we quickly asked our intrepid and talented dye artist to make ten more of the cloths. As she was working, we ran out of the special golden leaves we were using for the Story Goddess belt! So, then we had cloths, but no goddesses. The leaves finally came back in stock this week and we have our limited edition fiery copper Autumn Story Goddess available until September 21 and the five remaining Deluxe Ritual Kits that include a hand-dyed golden and plum Triple Moon altar cloth available while supplies last. I keep my fall altar cloth in use all season (from about August 15-November 10th or so for me), so don’t worry about it being so close to the actual equinox…there is plenty of time to still enjoy it!

The kit also includes a full ritual outline for either group or personal use and you will receive both printed and digital versions of the ritual. And, the ritual guide package includes a fall mandala project plus a newly developed unique tool that is a combination mandala + crystal/goddess grid + card reading layout.



The neat Fall mandala project by itself will be included as part of this month’s Creative Spirit Circle Journal, so make sure you’re signed up. Creative Spirit Circle membership is free and includes lots of resources and perks!



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