Fall Goddess Magic Circle!

The fall section of the Goddess Magic Circle begins on September 5! If you’re looking for the powerful alchemy, accountability, and connection of a sacred circle, come claim your place! While this is an online experience in that it is worldwide and you can participate from wherever you live, I don’t think of it as an “online circle,” because the experiences and processes are rooted in your own lives and practices where you are and then we come back together in the online environment to share about them. The heart of the experience is non-virtual, but all of the materials are provided virtually. It is hard to describe!

The neatest thing about this circle experience to me is that it is a living and lived experience. It is not scripted or pre-planned and it is exciting to see what emerges from it!

14188599_1783191598559721_4514540679155539500_o(1)I’ve been feeling a lot of twin pulls lately: fire and water, rest and creation/generation, engage and withdraw, begin and quit, excitement/happiness and frustration/despair. Then, I realized this is kind of the dualism of the approaching autumn season. The energy of the equinox. The paradox and myth of balance. 🍂

I’d love to see you in the sacred container of the Goddess Magic Circle!

Here’s what other women are saying:

I love this Circle and have already signed up for the next one. I’ve also met some amazing women. Each has their own unique life experience and skills that they share with the Circle. And Molly has offered enormous content and held the Circle in Beauty.


“It’s been amazing and very inspirational for my own spiritual practice and also for how I show up in my community circle. Thank you Molly Remer!!! I continue to be in awe and gratitude of your wisdom and guidance, as well as so supported by the group of sisters! any sisters out there considering joining for the fall, DO IT!!! its a lovely and welcoming group.”


Registration is open here.

Also, in case you missed it, our late summer issue of your Creative Spirit Circle Journal is here.

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