Summer June 2016 054

Look at what’s blooming
see what you’ve said yes to
and look carefully for that
which can now be pruned away.

The bounty is before us
we see it clearly
knowing that what we have sown
has borne fruit.

Noting that which is
beautiful and good
and that which has
withered in the heat.

Life is open before us June 2016 053
spreading its petals
dripping with juice

Sweet, simple
infinitely complex
and magnificent…

Sometimes I feel I am working too hard—planning classes and circles and retreats and rituals and Red Tents and developing new products and writing posts and creating ceremonies and supporting the Goddess Magic Circle and our Creative Spirit Circle—and then I have to take a few steps back and look at myself and laugh with disbelief and gratitude. My life is so stressful, making goddesses all day, guiding women through priestess training, holding Red Tents, creating ritual outlines to share… 😉

I do struggle to fit it all in, but this is what I want to do. My whole heart is poured into this work. This is what I’ve said yes to and it is bearing fruit.June 2016 060

This poem is excerpted from our free summer ritual kit which is included in the June issue of our Creative Spirit Circle Journal. The kit includes:

  • Two ceremony outlines (individual and group)
  • Tutorials for two projects
  • Summer poem
  • “Blessing and Blooming” mandala activity
  • Wild berry cobbler recipe

Make sure to join the circle today. It is free and full of resources!






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