Have Goddess, Will Travel!

One of the absolute delights of our business is seeing your photos of where your goddesses have gone with you. From 1000 year old trees, to Niagara Falls, to cherry blossom trees, seeing your photos of traveling goddesses makes our day every time. When we asked for photo submissions for the June issue of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal we received several wonderful submissions:

Cerridwen on a the beach in Cornwall

13428627_1186824238034996_857965933791694845_nMelissa Bee at Where Womyn Gather

13445244_10209868388770863_8048700157488182442_nAnd, Yemaya at Niagara Falls

13444420_10208510082622963_652311766_nYemaya’s photo came with a lovely story that I received permission to share:

On Sunday June 5, 2016, My partner and I decided we wanted to make a quick (4 hours each way) drive over to Niagara Falls.


My partner Nancy and I have been together 10 years, we had a wonderful (commitment) ceremony 9 years ago. We called our ceremony, Jumping the Broom, in honor of American slaves, who were not allowed to legally marry. And since my partner Nancy and I were not allowed to legally marry 9 years ago, we decided we would Jump the Broom.


Niagara Falls is in New York. New York State was one of the important places of the Abolition Movement. And Niagara Falls was right on the border between the United States and Canada.


I brought my Yemaya Goddess with us to bless Her. Yemaya was originally a river goddess, but with so many slaves being carried to the United States from Africa, Yemaya became known as a goddess of the ocean


This picture was taken of the rapids that are below the falls.

When we created Story Goddesses we envisioned them helping you tell the story of your lives as well as speaking to the stories of goddesses from many cultures and the experiences of women. When we see your photos, we feel honored to play a tiny part in your life story and we feel blessed and privileged to create companion goddesses that travel so many places with you.

(post cover photo also from Rebecca Kane)

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