Like one full moon…

Several years ago, I hosted a mother blessing ceremony for a friend who was preparing for her second baby. It was the first time we’d ever had a ceremony at night and something new that we did during that ceremony was to go outside in the dark and plant our “wish seeds” for our friend, her baby, and her birth (we used the wish seeds—one word wishes—first to sing our Call Down a Blessing blessingway song). I had chosen a reading to read during this time and in a stroke of wonderful coincidence, the moon out that night was nearly full. It was a perfect, unplanned accompaniment to the reading. The reading comes from the book Wild Girls by Patricia Monaghan and was originally written by a nine year old girl. I modified it slightly for this occasion:

We are all Feminine, together. March 2016 065

We may be full of anger,

We may be full of joy,

We may be full of secrets,

We may feel fresh as fruit,

We may feel a sense of new life,

We may feel peaceful,

We may all feel different from one another,

But we are all here together

Like one full moon.

Today is the Flowering Moon, or Merry Moon. It is also a Blue Moon (second full moon in the same month). What is blooming and flourishing in your life? Where are you journeying? How are you ready to unfurl your sails and set forth? 


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